About us

Luxury Affair is an international online boutique for designer fashion and luxury goods based in Switzerland. We guarantee an 100% authenticity and fair prices. Also a worldwide free and fast shipping. You have no more space in your closet? Don't give them away! Sell your pre-loved designer pieces with us and find your next favorite fashion piece!

Our core values:

Fair prices:

We founded Luxury Affair to offer you luxury goods at the best possible prices without having to give up a unique shopping experience. We work daily with our suppliers to get the best possible price for you. 


We all know: Trust is good, checking is better. All our new products are directly sent from our warehouses to you with all tags and if available from the brand also the authenticity card. But how do we check the authenticity of our second-hand pieces? All pre-loved designer items in our shop are checked for their authenticity by our external brand experts. Only if an item has been approved that it's original, it will be sent to you. Should our check show that your order contains a fake, you will immediately have your money refunded and the item will be cancelled. We take authenticity very seriously, sellers who try to sell fake items will be fined and blocked. 


We live the motto: Quality over quantity. By investing in high-quality pieces you will enjoy your purchase for way longer than if you are always chasing trends. 
Also we encourage to take care after your fashion pieces. Always wash at low temperatures and take things to be repaired rather than throw them away. By buying pre-loved fashion pieces you can support the slow fashion movement and by selling your former favourites you can extend the life cycle of designer pieces. 

Furthermore, 0.5% of our sales contribute to the financing of the CO₂ offset.